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2023 - Goals

I have found that if I intentionally give myself a goal or challenge and come up with a plan, 99% of the time, I'm able to reach it. This year, at the advice of one of my amazing coaches, Nancy Kalsow, I did a vision board for the first time.

It was important to me to incorporate images of people (my idol Carol Burnett and Wonder Woman) and places (larger venues) that inspire me and make me feel powerful. Standup work is HARD, and it was critical that I start to value myself and ask for pay. I also wanted to use words - how do I want to feel when I'm performing - JOYful, POWERful, and STRONG! As I become more established, a goal is to perform outside of Dane County.

How have I done so far?

  1. Felt more JOY!

  2. Felt more FREEDOM!

  3. Felt more POWERFUL!

  4. Monthly PAID gigs!

  5. Have a plan to sign up for THE LAUGH FACTORY in Chicago on March 28 (my 51st birthday)!

I'm really proud of myself, and I can't wait to see how the rest of my vision board comes true in 2023.

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