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Lisa N. Quam

Lisa Quam has an innate sense of humor and the self-confidence to stand up in front of a crowd.  She has been amusing friends, family, and strangers with jokes her whole life but decided to take a leap and is now entertaining crowds of strangers.    Lisa enjoys making people laugh and finds humor and delight in all that goes wrong in her life.  Lisa lights up on stage and enjoys engaging with the audience.


Lisa is comfortable performing wherever there's a microphone.  Her day job as a membership development manager for a chamber of commerce means she can easily perform in various venues for private, professional, and corporate events.

Special Skills:  Joke writing, understand pace and rhythm of sets, originality, creativity, audience engagement, professionalism, risk taker, on-the-spot thinker, authentic

Professional Experience:

Quamedy (2022- Present)

Founder and Owner

  • Write own jokes and sets

  • Perform within allotted time; respect the light, the venue, and other comedians

  • Interact with audience before, during, and after the show

  • Comfortable acting as producer  and  performing as an opener, host, or headliner

Professional Training:

Monkey Business Institute, Improv Level 1 and Level 2 

  • Level 1 (2019): Learned the fundamentals of improvised comedy, including the basics of scene creation and collaborative creativity  as well as the most popular improvised comedy games.   This class culminated in a team show with fellow classmates in front of an audience

  • Level 2 (2022):  Built on the basics covered in Level One and dove into guessing games, non-conventional communication games and more.  Learned how to listen more deeply in scenes and introduce the concept of status. This class culminated in a team show with fellow classmates in front of an audience.

Lady Laughs Comedy, Standup Level 1 and Level 1.5 (2021 and 2022)

  • Attended 8 two-hour class sessions as well as 4 private coaching sessions for a total of 20 hours of instruction

  • Learned the basics of joke structure, types of jokes,  performance etiquette, stage presence,  and more. This class was perfect preparation to be able to build on current jokes, write new ones, and gain confidence in performing.  Both classes ended with a class show in front of a live audience; comics were required to have a tight 5-minute set


  • April 2023:  Coming soon!

  • March 2023:  The Big Share (charity event - virtual), The Merge (a blend of comics and improv)

  • February 2023:  Burlesque and Standup (performed 15-minute set to sold out crowd)

  • January 2023:  Produced own show, including creating event marketing and graphics; invited other comics to act as openers, performed 25-minute set as headliner

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