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Featured on Nicole Byer's Special - Crowd Work at Comedy on State, Madison, WI  2023

 (beginning to around 10 minutes)

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Comedy on State, February 2024

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Interview by Leigh Mills of Channel 15 in March 2024.

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Forward Club - Sold Out Show Produced by Quamedy Productions

March 2024

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Negative Thots

In January 2023, Lisa sat down with Negative Thots Podcast Host Samara Suomi.  Their discussion revolved around brain diseases, silly families, and the effect of gravity on your entire body.    Listen Here

Comedians Telling Ghost Stories

In August 2023, Lisa sat down with host Emily Winter to discuss her encounters with dead people, including her grandpa and Tina Turner.   Strap in  for a hot one!   Listen Here


Determined to Succeed

Lisa Quam shares her transformative journey of embracing change and pursuing her true passions. Lisa's life took a significant turn when she confronted a pivotal moment that demanded her self-trust.  Listen Here

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