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2022 was a big year for me. I turned 50, and it's really true that life gets better as you age - as long as you don't look in the mirror.

I took another standup class and decided it's now or never - I need to commit to this comedy thing or be content with life as it is. Within a few weeks, I started doing more open mics, met with a friend who created the best logo the world has ever seen.

And...I got my ass kicked more than once at open mics. Not literally but figuratively. Open mics are painful and soul crushing in the best of times.

But, I met a friend who encouraged me (female friends are the best), and I swallowed my fear and signed up for Comedy on State., which is the best stage in the midwest. As soon as I heard the first laugh, I was hooked. And guess what - I've been picked 8 times as of today.

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